Her Logic


They say it is part of our nature, the foundation of what makes us human, what makes us relate to one another. We all have questions; why am I, what could have I, how could you… Questions we may never get answers to and those who do, boy aren’t you lucky.

A million questions fill my head on a daily, about the present, past and future, rational and totally absurd, with only about 10% of the answers. For the rest of the 90% I resort to tears to make sense of the world…

With that I wonder, is it okay to seek another to provide the answers even when you know that you may hurt them in doing so? There are millions of articles on tips and tricks to find answers to things that we all face; love, money, faith. But very little say approach him or her and just ask, because the reality is we are all afraid to truly know.

I went through what seems like the most life changing experience of my life a few months ago. This has left me questioning everything in my life with no closure in sight. Before this event, I was one to stare my demons in the eyes and laugh, now I find myself wishing the worst and I hate it…

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