Dear 25 year old me

You took a gamble and gave hope other shoot, left everything that seemed promising to return to a place that left you wondering if you were fit to function.

Whenever I look at you, I see a young woman trying to defy the odds. I see a person trying to exercise her fully functioning prefrontal cortex in sound decision making. I see a hopeful individual giving life another shot.

I’m proud of you you know, for ceasing a faint opportunity and making the most out of it. You are on top of your game, doing better mentally and adopted a more optimistic approach to life.

In the time-line I’m currently in, things feel like they took a turn for the worse. Everything we planned out has failed and I don’t know how to get on top of things like you did.

I love you you know. I look back at how I was you and I think to myself I want to be just like her.

Gosh I miss you so much, I wonder where you went. What happened to all the wishful thinking, more controlled and calculated mindset? What happened to your never ending smile & laughter…

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