His World · Poetry

It’s Ok

It’s okay to feel lost at times,
It’s okay to cry.
Having a fragmented heart does not prevent you from loving wholly, because although we are different, we are one in the fact that we all have the experience of being human and experiencing our fair share of suffering, pain and confusion.

It’s okay to love again.
It’s not naïve or stupid to fall fast or love deeply,
Your love is not too much or too childish, you’re just loving the wrong person and that is okay too.
That is grace, to love those unworthy of your love and despite the pain, to love even more radically, without restraint.

It’s okay not to be okay at times.
Life isn’t always rosy and people aren’t always kind or loyal to their words,
But don’t close off, you’re not too sensitive.
You just feel deeply, and to a corrupted world that is wrong and weak;
But to the Divine that is strength and a sign of untainted humanity.
Remember that Jesus wept and was so anxious that His sweat turned to blood,
So live. Unrestrained, unapologetic, untamed by a world that frowns on our God-given emotions;
And love, love, love until you’re out of breath,

And forgive. Forgive them for they know not what they do. They live on the safe side because they would rather not feel at all than feel a little hurt,
But we forget that life starts on the other side of heartbreak, true love can only be felt by a fragmented heart because unbroken hearts of stone can never let the beauty of emotions through…

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