Her Logic · Poetry

Revelations of Time

“It snowed today”, she typed.
I paused and smiled for a second as I imagined a sight unaccustomed to my African eyes.
All I had known my whole life was the yellow sun at its zenith;

And yet
Although we layed in different beds,
In different rooms,
On opposite sides of the globe,
The same sun shun on each of us,
Just differently…
A depiction of the seasons our hearts were in.
We loved with the intensity of the sun we each felt,
A mix of crimson and faded red, or perhaps the same shade, just on an overcast day -well hidden emotions.

And in its stillness,
The pause between the seasons or moments of reflection to reassess decisions,
time reveals sober truths.
Like wine,
Time is so sweet…
It teaches us to have a little faith, like the snowflake that triggered the avalanche,
The grain of sand that caused the scale to tip,
The wave that caused the tsunami or
The heart emoji that will one day get sent back…
Time teaches patience.

Patience in turn summons hope and hope when strong enough,
Conjures up faith as small as a mustard seed
To one day unmask the true colour of her heart when she thinks of me,
To blow away the clouds that cast a shadow on the veracity of the love she feels.
In the meantime, I will praise…
Praise God for the lessons taught,
The good and the bad,
The heartbreak and the love made;
And until I’m out of time,
I will live in abundance,
I will love even more,
And I will believe that like a glass of crimson red wine,
Time is the ingredient that turns a peck into a passionate kiss to seal the deal in Holy matrimony.
So, in the meantime,
until I’m out of time,
I will praise the maker of time…

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