His World · Poetry

In another life…

In another life promises will be kept and love won’t grow cold.

In a reminiscent state I long for the warmth of summer and the sweetness that winter once had
As your warm breath cleared your foggy screen and exposed its little cracks;
A portrait of my breaking heart.

You broke me first and in the process,
I surrendered to the motion of seasons as leaves fell and my core was exposed,
As the anatomy of my being was brought forth
And soon after I pray a million baby leaves will blossom and my heart can flourish like a rose with petals that fly in a whirlwind of love and rose thorns can protect me from the next hurt because It sucks to have your heart broken.

So to my next lover,
As I reminisce about my past and wish on dandelions for my future to be better,
I pray you learn to hold a rose in between the thorns and handle me with care.
I’m fragile,
A porcelain vase packed in a cardboard box so
please take the time to unpack.
Let’s meet in another life,
One after heartbreak where we’ve learnt to love better,
Where promises are kept and love won’t die,
In another life where forever and always lead to just that.
In another life,
Let’s love without restraint…

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