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Storytime (Drive home)

It was an afternoon drive and home was our destination;
Gaudy bronze sun revealing the true colour of our irises,
Gospel music playing on the aux cord,
And my spirit
conjuring up divinely inspired questions…
“Do you believe in miracles?”

“Yes”, she said softly.
“What’s one miracle that you have been a witness of?”
I lowered the volume expecting a stutter, a hum, or even loud silence; but she answered almost as fast as I had asked the question.
“Myself”, she said, with a quiet smile on her face…

Here I was thinking I was about to preach and I was the one getting preached to.
In that moment of introspection, I had an epiphany.
A second of heavenly revelation that brought me to the realisation that I am a miracle; we all are. We have survived 100 percent of the battles thrown at us, but before going that far,

Rewind to your own conception…
Not just any sperm and egg randomly colliding because had it been a different sperm or egg, then we would have a different you,
Had they missed one another, then there would be no you at all.
No mistake has ever turned out so beautifully, don’t you think?
So, value yourself.
There’s no one quite like you and that makes you special; it gives you worth, it makes you irreplaceable.
You are a miracle. Don’t ever forget that.

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