His World

Storytime (stranger things)

I killed a bird when I was a kid…
By mistake of course.
I should have been about four or five years old,
And I did the strangest thing a kid that age could even think of doing.

I buried it and made a cross from pieces of grass I had picked up.
A young kid inhabited by an angelic spirit?
The innocence of youth?
Or perhaps the fact that I had seen my dad nursing a wounded bird back to health…
I could not say which.

But it still doesn’t explain the burial and cross,
I believe that kids carry around the most pieces of heaven;
They are the least corrupt after all…
I guess that’s why Jesus said that the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these and so we should become children again;

Not physically, but mentally. Our character should mimick that of children; not by being childish but becoming child-like and thus reconnecting to your origins,
Reconnecting to Heaven…

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