His World

Before they die

Give them flowers when they can still smell them, not when their bodies are buried in caskets, six feet deep then later on claim that your love for them was deep…

Tell them you love them while they can still hear it, not when they’re unresponsive and covered with sheets on hospital beds, or covered with flower beds beneath the soil, tell them…
Tell them you love them…

Who knows that every time they exhale the breath will go back in?
Who knows if their breakfast or supper was their last meal? Who knows??
Tomorrow is not promised, your next breath is not promised, that next heartbeat is not promised, so tell them you love them, while you still can…

The problem is that we are unaware or oblivious of the brevity of time. We overestimate our time on earth thinking that we are eternal and so we internalise everything waiting for the right time to let our deepest and most meaningful thoughts see the light,
And before we know it?
The light fades,
The sun sets and it’s too late…
The curtains drop, the scene is done and there is no encore.

Life is done and we die with the thoughts and plans that waited for tomorrow to be birthed,
So we die without having lived,
We die without having truly loved,
We die with unexpressed emotions that will one day fertilize the ground to form gardens where birds and bees will love without restraint,
And will teach us to love out of pure instinct because they are aware of the brevity of time…

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