Writing, the art of putting thoughts and ideas down on a canvas; physical or digital.

A skill taught to an infant, essential for effective communication, used by all who have the ability to see and limbs to write.

Writing, the number one tool used by those unable to verbally express themselves,

Writing, the go to for those seeking to be more open to those around them yet afraid to be judged.

Writing, my once go to place, once upon a time when dreaming was an escape from reality,

Writing, a simple task that has become so complex,

The fear of speaking thoughts onto a canva, thoughts that can’t be taken back nor edited,

Thoughts that may display one’s secret nature frowned upon by popular views, discarded due to its impracticality,

Thoughts that keep one hoping for a better tomorrow, despite how childish that tomorrow may seem.

Trying to write again, it has proven to be a complex task…

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