Burst of emotions

Looking for an escape I’ve decided to change, neglecting what I enjoyed most

Running away from expressing my emotions how I was accustomed to in the name of “growth”

The realization has finally set; I don’t want my old habits to die, atleast not the good ones

Looking for a way out, I’ve allowed more than I should, built walls where I shouldn’t have,

You know, life has a way of making you circle around the same spot ten times over until you have grasps the lesson,

Lesson that is supposed to change your life somehow, bring clarity to the dark path, make sense of all you do,

But what if those lessons just make you realize that there was no missing piece to the puzzle, just you.

That you were enough, enough to fill the void, enough to be better, enough to be okay,

What if the circling around was for you to be content with just you & foster growth in your daunting life…

So I’ve stopped writing because as much as it all makes sense, it equally doesn’t and it’s okay, I don’t have the answers to everything…

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