To my next love

I am not sure what my next love will look like.
So I send this letter out into the universe as a prayer to her Creator and I seal it with a kiss…

I wonder what she is like.
Perhaps nothing like me but a mate to my healing soul
I’ve been through a lot of things that I don’t regret because I know that each passing second, whether filled with pain or laughter,
Has guided me to this very moment of introspection,
And I imagine the feeling of holding forever in my arms.

I find it hard to say “I love you”, so I hope that you believe me when I do.
I wonder if you prefer long walks on the beach watching the sand kiss the ocean in a passionate to and fro motion,
Or movie dates on Friday nights under the neon sky aided by countless city lights…
I’m not perfect and I hope you know that, but I promise you countless moments of perfection;
Stargazing as we wish upon shooting stars,

Or taking in the sunset as we pray for time to go a little bit slower and we can enjoy split seconds for a little while longer…
I promise not to hold your past against you
And not to be a reflection of something that failed to recognise your worth,
I’m sorry that it wasn’t kind to you,
But I’m grateful that it lead you to me.

I know that we will love each other past the honeymoon phase because we know that the love we will have will transcend skin and flesh and anchor itself in the roots of our souls,
So despite the change of seasons,
The loss of leaves and the cold of winter,
We will appreciate each other because our connection runs deeper than what we see.

Our love will be an example to teach the world how to fall and rise in love.
So to my lover,
I write this letter without knowledge of what you look like, but I know that you’re amazing and you will make me feel what I have yet to feel,
And reveal the dark side of the moon,
So honey,
I know you’re out there living your life.

So as I write this letter and seal it with a kiss, let’s make a pledge to meet in the summer or winter, or in between the seasons so long as we meet and fill the pages of a book with our own love story…

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