His World · Poetry

I Pray

I pray that one day you may look at me and see me, not the colour of my skin or my ancestors’ sin…

I pray to see the day when we finally realise that we are spirits with bodies and not bodies with spirits…
I pray that people may come to see that not all Blacks are criminals, and not all Whites are racists,
The day that the soul of a person matters more than their skin tone, and we are prone to love and slow to scorn…
I pray for Martin’s dream,
That one day the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood.
I pray for better days,
When melanin will not be the basis for judgement or hatred, but just a human feature to be treasured and admired.

I pray for more prayers to be sent heaven’s way for the souls of fallen soldiers, and freedom fighters, of all skin tones, who died trying to remove the shackles on our hands and feet, and those that knew that even after papers were signed declaring our freedom, our minds were still trapped; your work lives on through us!
I pray for freedom.
Freedom from the hatred trapped within our hearts and the rage passed on from the ancestors through the blood that runs through our veins.
I pray that we may stop seeing each other as predator and prey, and I pray that we may love despite our differences.
I pray that heaven is listening…

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