His World

She is someone…

Sometimes my prayers go up in the form of tears,
And to me that’s a privilege because somewhere out there, a million prayers go up in the form of blood and rape wounds…

I ponder on the man privilege that I have been born into; how I can walk on the streets of the rape capital without having to look over my shoulder every two minutes, make that seconds. How I can dress however I want and go wherever I please without getting catcalls or funny looks. A reality where women wish dreams could last longer…

As I look at pictures of my sister in my arms, I think of all the people just like me who wish they had held on just a little tighter, just a little longer, because men like us have fallen short of our calling as protectors and have become women’s number one predators.
We need to do better, because by staying silent we’re partaking in these acts.

Ephesians 5:22 instructs the “wife” to submit to her “husband”, and that is only because the husband loves her like Christ loves the church and gave Himself up for her (verse 25). And submission is not slavery, it’s a choice. So to all the men who think women owe them something, they do not. So stop! Not because she is someone’s sister, mother, friend; no, stop because she is someone.

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