Jute Sack

Chapter 2

Every child grows up memorizing stories of great legends who once lived, fiction or reality, these are parts of our childhood that we looked forward to, the foundation of what we build our dreams on and the catalyst to the solidification of our personalities and characters.

As a child, the real stories I heard growing up were that of my father, Patrice Bingoto Mandoko Na Mpeya. Just like those you hear of great heroes, queens and kings, I silently listened in awe as the world spoke of him and they surely did, they still do. Reading what comes up when his name is entered on a search engine always leaves me speechless, feeling like a fictional character in a movie or a book, thats why I want to write about him.

The lessons I have learned from this great man I am privileged to call my father are that: your good and bad deeds follow you even when your body decomposes, so while you get to fill your lungs with fresh air and move your limbs, you have to choose, how do I want to be remembered?

Everyday is an opportunity to learn something new, that’s something that fascinates me as his daughter, the facets of one’s character, how each when told with passion and truth can paint a clear picture to someone who didn’t get to meet you, so well that you feel like he or she is right there next to you.

The power of the Art of Storytelling

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