His World · Poetry

The Imperfect Bride of Christ

I have chosen to percolate a culture overly obsessed with romance and intimacy and yet,
so reluctant to discover the full extent of Love.
If only they could have an encounter- this is my story…

To me, love is free will.
If I left you the choice,
Would you still love me?
If I showed you all my flaws,
Would you damn my soul
Or would you stay?
Will time answer my question,
Or is time the answer;
The pause that kills all hopes…

He took a gamble.

Let the “caged bird” sing songs of what I thought to be freedom,
Because see,
When you’re unaccustomed to pure love,
Your mind fabricates cages to keep it away like “temporary highs” because to keep things this way,
You stray away from change and cling to familiarity,
Something to mimick what your soul truly longs for;
Love in its purest form.
So you hide,
Too afraid to risk it all for the sake of love,
but darling in this world you either change or wither…

So let Him whisper to your heart and let your soul hear the sole purpose for which the souls of your worn out shoes graced the surface of this floor.

“You were made to love”.
To love with no restraint.
To not conform to the standards of a world that saw love and crucified Him.

To learn to comprehend that intimacy has nothing to do with physical touch, because He touched my heart while hanging on a tree and;

Gave me the free will to either stay or leave;
And how I so often leave and put him back up on that tree one nail at a time, scream after scream, because I would rather have a meaningless fling with my sin, than Holy matrimony with the Son;
The paragon of true love…

I break His heart.
Constantly cheating on my faithful Groom, and yet He loves me still.
Loves the unlovable,
Leaves the ninety-nine to hold out a hand to a leper,
Risking death to infect me with love, because see,
The only cure to the disease in this world is love.

The world is not God-forsaken,
The world has forsaken God and yet they ask,
Where is the love…
To answer to that?
“Ubi Caritas et amor, Deus ibi est.”
“Where there is charity and love, there is God.
Know Jesus, know your purpose. No Jesus, no purpose.”

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