His World · Poetry

Stains of Love

He proceeded…
Without caution or hesitation
down a slippery slope,
A heart filled with hope.
Hope that one day, you would choose Him too…

Let me lay out the scenery,
First nail went in, as He screamed in agony… Beauty in this mystery, an act that changed the course of History, death that led to victory…
As His body was beaten, you were His first thought, and as His spirit left Him, you were His last…

Watch as your lover’s blood used unholy ground as a canvas to paint the world’s first ever never-ending love story. The story of a King leaving His throne to rescue His peasant lover, the story of a lover laying down His life for the sake of love…

Till death do us part, but even death could not contain this remarkable love because to love is to live and to live is to love, so till death we do art and continue painting our love story deep within the fabric of time…

With the gentlest of strokes, His brush wiped my slate clean, with arms stretched out on that wretched tree He beckoned me, pulled me in and whispered just loud enough for everyone to hear;

“I love you”, He said; as tears flowed down my cheeks and these three words echoed in my heart like a gong being struck with just enough might for it to yield and break open.

Only what is hard and unyielding can be broken and on that day, my heart broke open to let in a love that I never knew I could have,
Love in its purest form;
Love unconditional,
That loved the unlovable…

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