His World · Poetry


Have you ever had your heart broken?

Stood with arms outstretched,
As love slowly stretched out of sight,
Effort-fully reaching
For a love effortlessly straying;
Recited silent poems in the vacuum of space hoping that somewhere somehow someone would be listening to your internal whispers and wordless declarations of love?
I find myself fervently praying,
Hoping to grasp the sands of love forcibly blown away by the winds of unrequitedness…
A love that sadly, was never returned,
And yet, you stood still painfully waiting…

Now picture me this,
A man performing a grand love gesture knowing that despite His best efforts,
He might still get rejected.
A man bleeding for love…
Able to lash out, but instead taking lashes for His lover, like “look at me, I’m doing this for you…”
But the lover,
Screaming “crucify Him!”, Not knowing that those lashes, that cross, those nails, that death, were hers to bear…

How heartbreaking must that have been…
And yet He said, “forgive them for they know not what they are doing…”

There has never been a greater heartbreak than that of God watching His Son be killed by the very people He came to save, the very people He came to love.

And what love was this that nailed our saviour upon a tree He could have easily walked down from?
See, to love is one thing, to be love is another, but to love and to be loved is the greatest gift of all and every day, we deny Jesus that love and He died knowing He might never get it back…

Still, with a crown of thorns on His head, nails in His limbs, a piece of wood on His back,
He had you in mind…

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