These are the words of a sinner,
one talking from experience and if not for grace, would be six feet under on the freeway to hell;
So take heed…
The concealing of sin only leads to downfall,
Fortunately for me,
God’s light shines even in the abyss…

Secrecy is fertile ground for sin.
In the darkness, away from the public eye,
Sin stabs its roots;
Penetrates the heart, hardens it,
And in due time,
a poisonous fruit takes form
Distorting what once was pure…
The forbidden fruit that had Adam and Eve hiding behind a pile of leaves,
That wretched fruit that caused separation between Man and God…

Like a glass of fine red wine,
A state between opaque and transparent,
A complex mixture only revealing what will draw the eye, but disguise the toxicity…
A facade,
A flawless public facade.
Like an old house put on the market,
You see what I choose to show you,
A well designed floor layout,
Preventing my true self from finding a way out,
drawing your attention away from the rust, the debris, and the dust…
The derelict state of my soul;
The cleverly placed cobwebs hold back the truth,
And the real smell?
Obscured by the strong scent of my fragrance…

I am a fraud.

I approached your throne,
looking like a black diamond,
At least I thought I did…
But you saw right through me as though I were crystal clear,
Through my opacity as though I were transparent…
I tried to conceal my state,
But your all-seeing eye, saw within I,

I tried directing my life with a broken compass until I found out that without you at the centre of my life, my existence is pointless.

You painfully unloaded, unpacked and despoiled my being, that’s what it felt like but that’s not what it was,
You freed me,
You took heed of my misery,
Saw what to others was a mystery,
You memorised me,
Scrutinized the fine prints,
Looked at the details that most would frown upon and still you said,
You love me…

You took my opacity and turned it to transparency,
and Even though you saw it all,
You took me in as your own…
You peeled off my layers like the skin of an onion,
And despite the clingy smell, you got to the core,
You dissected me,
Saw my nakedness,
My emptiness,
My truest self,
And you still died for me…
I can be myself around you,
I can be the person I’m afraid the world will judge around you,
I can be transparent with you,
Because I know that you love me…

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