Will you remember me?

We live in a world that pushes us to believe that like the big bang, our existence is accidental -A mere collision of atoms and celestial bodies that miraculously resulted in the making of Man.

So how then do you expect us to give meaning to something that was the simple result of chance?
We all go through life hoping to leave our footprints anchored in this highway called time.

We pray to not just be numbers in a census, but something a little more meaningful; like water that gives life, the sun that gives heat, or even animals and plants that give us food. And if not so impactful? At least something a little further away from nothing should suffice, because then, I might just leave a boot print within wet cement; something that will say, “I was here”.

Let us leave that lie behind.

We are not here by accident. We are carefully handcrafted beings touched by the Divine, and if He saw fit to uniquely and intricately contrive only one of each of us; then we must have purpose on this earth.

You might be your parents’ mistake, but you are God’s intentional action. Look into the process it took in order to make you; how a zygote grew to become an embryo and an embryo a foetus, how one tiny alteration to that story ends in a miscarriage, abortion, or no fertilization at all.

See, you are here for a reason.
How you live out the “why” will determine whether you were really here or you simply passed through; and so, I leave you with a question…

How will you be remembered?

By the scent on your clothes, the swagger in your walk, the warmth of your embrace, the love you showed, or didn’t? As a speck of dust simply passing by? Moved to and fro at the mercy of the wind?

How will you be remembered? Why would they think of you?  Or perhaps the question is, will you even be remembered when you cease to be…

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