It’s human nature to see people as the sin they committed and overlook the change they underwent.

For most, this year was a winter. Our leaves dwindled and exposed our nudity and we saw the veracity of what we are truly made of. The insecurities we buried deep within our subconscious, the loneliness, the need for approval, the identity crisis, the weaknesses…

We were made to realise that we are not as perfect as we maybe thought we were…

One thing I hope that we all learnt from this year is to treat each other with grace. Despite the countless masks that we wore daily, we were unmasked and exposed and despite the amount of sanitizers we used hoping that our sins and germs would be washed off, they were just made clearer. We struggle just as much as the people we judge, perhaps just differently.

Drunkards were joined by sex addicts, drug addicts joined by the “insecures”, fearful people and lonely people sat side by side, approval seekers sitting next to those struggling with identity crises.

Sinners judging other sinners for sinning differently.

Ergo, as this “winter-year” comes to an end, take the decision today to get off of your high horse and to be gracious to strangers and loved ones alike, to not put down but uplift, to edify both yourself and others and lastly…
Check the plank in your own eye before pointing out the speck of dust in someone else’s.

Have a blessed 2021!!

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