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Relationships: the unspoken rule

Should I call? Can I call? What should I say or not say?

We’ve all been through this, yet there is so much we do and do not know. The infamous “dating rules”, but what are they really and do they define the longevity and strength of our relationship?

According to a study conducted by Pew Research Center, people have voiced that dating is much harder today than it was 10 years ago, with the largest participants making that statement being women. This makes me think of a conversation I often have with my peers about the challenges in the dating sphere:

First of all, there are so many rules and codes, some self established to protect ourselves, others created to protect the image of a larger group. These rules vary from what to say, the manner in which we behave to the clothes we wear, somewhat exhausting if you ask me, but are they are they all neccesary?

Searched “what not to say in early dating stages” and about 298 000 000 results popped up all focusing on how to change your relation status from single, to taken to possibly married. I can’t help but wonder if with so many rules we aren;t losing the authenticity and geuninity in our relationships. if it is all scripted, will we ver know what the other person is thinking and most importantly, how do we ensure we don’t get our hearts broken.

The unspoken rule of dating…

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