I Am Black…

I am black
With skin so brown
A reflection of the fertile grounds
That piece together my anatomy
What you find in me
Is nothing less than indefinite perfection…

I am beautiful,
With a heart so pure
A reincarnation of divinity,
God within I,
An antidote in poison,
A rose with its thorns,
Pieced together in perfect imperfection…

I am worthy,
I deserve happiness and nothing less,
Worthy of love, respect and admiration,
I value myself enough to know what comes into my life and what goes out,
I love myself.

I am art,
A masterpiece in fact,
God’s own design,
A sign that paradise exists,
I am heavenly,
A figure in the clouds,
The kinks in my hair resembling lightning from above,
My dark eyes a reflection of dark skies,
I am gorgeous.

Love me or hate me,
It doesn’t really matter because
I love myself.

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