Diary of a hopeless romantic - short story


Teenage Safi reached the peak of her teen years, high school graduation around the corner. As excited as she was, she knew that this may mean that she and J would have to part ways. In her “happily ever after” ideology, J and her had to make it work, after all they had something cute going on.

He finished two years ahead of her, as the stereotype goes, he was enrolled in university and was doing well for himself. Perfect love story right? Only issue was that she hadn’t seeing him much since he left but she understood that he needed to focus on school as much as she needed to get her ducks in a row as well.

Graduating top of her class was her goal and she did just that, making her mother extremely proud, she could finally relax knowing that her daughter’s future would get even brighter. On her graduation day, J paid Safi a surprise visit, bearing flowers and a letter for all times sake. Safi’s sweet mother gave her the day off to do as she pleased, with one rule “be safe and be home before night fall”.

J took her in his new car for a mini road trip through the city. They spoke about the future, school and everything in between. His notorious self seem to have changed, he was more optimistic and somewhat become a “good boy”. Expressing his deep affection for Safi, J confided in her, opening up about his deepest fears and how he was caught up in what seemed like a nightmare to teen Safi.

Hell-bent on saving his soul, Safi attentively listened working up equations on how to alleviate his burden, after all thats what you do when you love someone right?

At only 18, Safi would have to make a decision that would forever change her outlook on life…

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