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The standard of beauty

Story Time:

Growing up, I never liked the way i looked. Felt very insecure about almost everything, from my broad forehead to my finger nails. I felt like a little ugly duckling most of the time.

My insecurities were mostly rooted from what I heard and saw around me. In pre-school, a boy not too older than me, would frequently stand in the yard making remarks about my forehead, loud enough so the world could hear.

At around 6/7, before one’s milk teeth fall out, I had pretty bad cavities. The cavities and my crooked teeth caused me to stop smiling all together.

At 12, I developed acne, acne that would stay with me for almost 10 years. Those teen years were brutal, people were mean and super insensitive forcing me to rethink about what being beautiful meant to me.

Looking back at those crucial years of my life, I am tremendously grateful, as they taught me to look at beauty in a different light; not relying on one’s outward appearance but rather looking at all that makes one human. Those years gave me the strength and confidence I needed today to keep my sanity in this superficial world. Early last year, I found out that I have scoliosis, that alone shook my entire foundation of self love and acceptance. I don’t think I would have managed the news so well, if I didn’t have a troubled and painful experience with being judged due to my outward appearance.

In short, all I think we should all ask ourselves this question: what does it beauty look like? & in hope to answer the question, be open to the reality that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder & that every single living being is beautiful.

Check out my podcast on this topic, let me know what you think😊


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