Seasons~ with Lizza Tshowa

Deep breath in,
Then I slowly release,
An intimate exchange of energy between nature and I,
As I add a droplet to an ocean,
A snowflake to an avalanche,
I take in the essence of life.
I realise that I am just a grain of sand in God’s hourglass,
Subjected to the motion of His hand as He masterfully changes seasons…

In the summer of my faith
Rejoicing in my salvation
For the Lord is my fortress
Enchanted by the Holy Spirit
Just like David, I sing and
dance to the music of the harp
Purified by the Holy Ghost
Molding me and making me
more like Him, a mirror image
A reflection of divinity in the fountain of living water, as I pant and my soul is refreshed,
I become one with God…

Then slowly I transform.
Like trees losing leaves,
I am stripped naked by the winds,
Smoothly caressing my branches
My cover gently dances its way to the hard concrete,
Following the rhythm of the pouring rain,
My nudity is exposed…
Like Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden I feel ashamed
Weak, In the face of my creator…

In the winter of my faith
here I stand naked and ashamed
Confused and vulnerable
at the sneers of the enemy
As I turn and stare at the mountain top
where I once stood before
How did I make such a great fall
A fall right in the midst of a dried boned
They gash out, like the gnashing of teeth
I’m scarred to the bones
Cuts and wounds exposed to the cold
With my crimson river as the colour of hope
The only light in this dark-shadowed valley,

In my brokenness I feel the hands of God,
A touch so gentle awakening all senses like needles of light piercing newly turned soil,
I am both trimmed and watered,
Beautifully broken and from the cracks
My flowers bloom with leaves and petals curled with tender dew
The object of my pain
Now the reason for my praise,
You are the Potter and I the clay,
So press me,
Burn me,
Chip away my flaws,
Take me back to my genesis,
Before the snake entered the garden,
Before sin entered my heart,
When it was just You and I…

It is…Just You and I
A grain of sand in Your hourglass
Subjected to the motion of Your hand as You masterfully change seasons
As your word says
My heart is like a stream of water directed and guided wherever You please
I thank You Lord for breaking me
Molding and transforming me
A meer branch, continuously blossoming
You are the true vine
I am the branch
Continue to water my stream
Until I overflow in abundance
Continue to water my stream
As I weather the seasons of my faith…

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