Reality of dreams

In the reality of dreams
Our hearts listen to screams…
Screams of unsaid words that we both know to be true but are too scared to utter…

In this reality we row downstream,
Flowing with the river and guided by light beams, unbothered by the raging sound of waterfalls ahead because in the reality of dreams we could fall from anywhere and still rise in love…

We could rise in love,
And baby when you’re in love, bullets sound like rattling leaves, racing hearts sound like tambourines, no sound can disrupt the serenity and no noise can interrupt the harmony…
The harmony of two hearts deaf to external sounds, only tuned in one to another…

In the reality of dreams,
Even silence is a language understood by both,
In this reality love is platonic,
Our intimacy is deeper than erotic encounters…

In the reality of dreams,
The grass is always green and what is, is similar to what only seems because a heart in love has little use for the eyes…

In this reality,
Waterfalls and rain rise, the moon shines brighter than the sun, butterflies sing and birds fly silently, an imperfect kind of perfect, insane kind of sane, disorderly kind of order…

In the reality of dreams, our hearts paint a picture of what we wish to see because our eyes so often deceive us…

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