When people hear “love”…

When people hear the word love,
They think of picnic dates and watching the sunset together…
They see butterflies in their stomachs,
Morning texts and corny lines,
“I love you, sleep tight don’t let the bed bug bites”,
They see fairy tale endings,
Trending topics, hashtag couple goals,
They see happy days on the beach,
birds chirping, waves smooching the shores,
A day made of diamonds…

They brush aside the fact that diamonds are just coals that withstood pressure well…

They’re all ready to say “I love you”, but cringe when sacrifices need to be made,
They only say it when it’s beneficial,
When it will get people talking,
When it will get them in each other’s pants,
When it can get them babies, when all is well,
And when the winter comes and true intentions are exposed,
The true anatomy of things, the nakedness of the heart and veracity of reality,
When times get tough,
They run to the next person to restart the same cycle,
So in the end, they never truly learn to love…

They go through so many learning curves that now it all just seems cyclical, because everyone is keen to say “I love you” when all is well and the sun is shining bright, but no one is willing to endure the night and see out the starless sky,
No one is willing to sacrifice for what they claim to love.
So now love is a myth…

What happens when they can’t give you babies, will you love them?
Will you love them when they’re insecure?
Will you love them when they can’t love themselves?
Love is not a fairy tale concept where it’s all sunny and happy, love isn’t for the faint hearted,
Love is tough…

It takes sacrifice, it takes courage, love is for the brave,
Love is an act and not just mere words intricately put together to make others smile, not just promises uttered because of euphoria,
It isn’t restricted to physical needs, love is a deeper kind of intimacy,
It is seeing the rose and looking past the thorns,
Seeing the devil within and looking past the horns,

Love is more than what social media makes it to be, more than trends and comments, more than body chemistry and Valentine’s day gifts,
love takes ongoing effort, not just temporary efforts until you get your fill, it requires your whole, and nothing less,
Love is tough…

So before you claim to love this one or the next, ask yourself if you’re ready to endure and give your whole, instead of just wasting our data with your temporary posts of “couple goals”…

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