Expressing the basic functions of a living being,
And yet, barely living,
A soul robbed of love in its entirety…

A five bedroom mansion,
Dad in one corner and mom in the other,
A well built house, and yet, a broken home,
Torn apart, forced to choose,
Between two parts of the same heart,
And neither could ever be enough…

What’s the point of a mansion if it keeps us apart? Tall walls and barbed wire, warmth in front of the chimney fire and yet our hearts grow cold, old love left behind by the course of time, house secured but hearts left exposed…

Relationship status updated and yet love is outdated, a child deprived of affection, emotions run wild, desperately trying to reunite two sides of a broken heart, desperately reaching, longing, raring for a feeling slowly fading…
Was my existence the cause?
Was it all pretence to spare my feable heart?

Our bodies kept together by Man-made barriers,
Yet your love kept apart by one…
Perhaps my birth broke you and the house would feel like home if I just withered away, all memories of me could be blown out of your minds like leaves blown off branches,
With no trace of their existence left behind…

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