Poetry in motion

To me,
Love is a river.
It is energy in motion,
A Wave that carries you no matter how hard you fight, and eventually it teaches you to follow the current…

Let yourself go,
it’s pointless fighting,
Become like ice in a warm glass of water,
Like chocolate exposed to the sun,
Allow yourself to melt and become one with it…

Be transparent,
A river finds no need to hide its depths,
It is exposed,
Yet in all that it loses no power.

Become adaptable,
Flow through the cracks of broken hearts,
Bring new life to parched lands,
Beautify all you touch,
Refresh souls,
Be a river of life giving water.

Be the moisture on pleated lips too tired of crying,
Bring new hope,
And after the long journey,
Return to your source…

Cascade down rocky surfaces,
Hurry back before your tank runs dry,
Flow down the curves,
Refill your void with energy,
Pour yourself out like a waterfall,
Recreate the synergy,
Fill your heart with emotion and keep the energy in motion,
Be a river,
Keep flowing,
Be one with the current…

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