Tempted to say don’t do that, yet knowing the intent was pure holds me back,

Tempted to say I’m not okay, yet the love to keep one happy and sane disables me from speaking out.

Often carefully selecting my choice of words to give a voice to my troubled mind, I remain silent.

Everything is a trigger these days: smiles to dying plants,

Everything a reminder of what is, could be, yet may never come to pass,

A trigger

something that affects your emotional state, often significantly, by causing extreme overwhelm or distress

Somewhat liked to PTSD, yet I can’t recall a period of extreme stress nor trauma

Can this be measured on a spectrum?

Spectrum for love, gender, mental and physical development, is there one assigned to responses to triggers?

All I want is to be okay, that’s all I’ve ever wanted. Then again, what does okay look like…

Triggered by the slightest thing, I know it will be okay someday…


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