Watered down

We try to hide our feelings
So we put make up on our hearts
And from its abundance we speak in euphemism,
A watered down form of love with no depth,
Unable to pierce through the thick layers of foundation, concealers and blush,

So our words become weak,
Just paint brushes stroking the surface;
Full of fear,
Our feet get cold,
We are scared to commit,
We resort to “love you” and leave the “I”,
Because if we get too personal then we might get hurt,
Forgetting that love is a risk and only those more exposed and vulnerable can receive the most.

We love,
But not really,
We talk,
But never exchange,
Conversations never run deep,
So we never get intimate,
We hug,
But we’re distant,
We smile,
But we cry,
We speak in half truths,
We love half heartedly,
We mask our emotions,
Make it hard to see past the clown looks
Unable to fully love
So we fool around,
Toying with each others’ hearts,
Slowly tearing them apart…

Relationship goals have become a bunch of Instagram pics,
Swagger on lock and eyebrows on fleek,
Yet hearts unlocked and connection weak,
Open WiFi overloaded,
Everyone is connected except the one that truly matters,
So in a matter of weeks
We’re back to square one,
Back to searching for the one,
After many heartbreaks we eventually become robots,
Unable to feel,
Programmed with ones that never worked so they became zeros,

So we alternate in a constant cycle,
And instead of taking time to fully love,
We simply reuse broken vessels
That will never be the same again,
So we keep loving with euphemism,
A watered down form of love…

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