Like needles of light piercing through a forest,
The shadow of a falling leaf and the break between the lub and dub of a heartbeat,
I go unnoticed,
But I’m there…

In between breaths and the blinking of eyes,
Moments of introspection to tell truths from lies,
I hang on to the dying breaths or rather the evidence of life,

24000 breaths per day, In and out repeatedly,
35000 conscious decisions,
100000 beats, lub-dub, it all goes silent…

And my mind whispers “you are alive, you are still here, what will you do?” Must life knock the wind out of you to remind you to live?

24000 chances to make 35000 decisions while moving to the rhythm of 100000 beats…
Hope is in the details,
Only to be seen when we move from having full minds to being mindful…

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