Oh Africa ,my land… I hear your drums thudding and your children’s thunderous cries ringing in my head. Your squirms fall on deaf ears… Your cries… Simply bootless… Your children’s tears flow through the Congo river and the Nile, your hills run red with innocent blood that has overflown.

As for your children… Starving… Yet the world turns a blind eye to these harsh realities. Oh Africa, how many more times will your children rob you ? They destroy the land from which they sprouted and blossomed , politicians stab you straight through your bosom , drink your blood and rejoice in their greed as they overlook the people’s needs and feed off the flesh of the same children they refuse to feed.

They pay no heed to the children that put them in power. They indulge in the produce earned by other people’s suffering . They give foreign people the harvest gotten through the sweat of our brows, and as their brothers and sisters die like flies ,  they’re not even sent off with worthy goodbyes. 

Oh Africa, you suffer because our government lies ,steals our money and denies and your children are not educated enough to realise, so the government gets away with just sighs of relief as the populace is manipulated by a thief because of its ignorance and die due to lack of knowledge.
Oh Africa…Your own children prepare your funeral, Oh Africa…Our dying land…

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