We danced in the sunset,
Beach sand in between our toes,
Wind swooshing,
Waves caressing the shores,
Gaudy bronze sun kissing our skins,
In that moment nothing else mattered…

Our hearts were connected as we disconnected from the world,
No need for words,
Our bodies did the talking,
Slow breaths,
In and out,
In and out,
Passionately swimming in each other’s eyes,
Cold hearts melting,
Dancing to the rhythm of love’s melody,
Bodies and minds intertwined,
Like the headstock and strings of a divine instrument,
A story being written in musical notes,
Right foot forward,
Left foot follows,

our reluctance to let go brought us closer as we lived on borrowed time
tic toc goes the clock
time painfully fades,
Our bodies decay, just vessels for one lifetime,

We are spirits with bodies and not the other way around,
So in this motion we are set free, as we ascend to the flow of heaven’s melodies,
we pray to meet again in our next lives,
Like how a deaf ear longs to hear, a blind eye longs to see we will long for no one but each other to dance once again…

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