I could taste the coffee on her lips,
The sweetness off her skin,
The pleasure of a sin…
The devil wrapped with a gold ribbon,

I mean,
I was good,
but I was no angel,
She spoke to the demons within,
Moved me to and fro as our bodies did the tango,
And in this passionate motion and moment of heightened emotion,
I proceeded without caution,

Went deeper,
Effortlessly digging,
My own grave that was,
What I thought was deep love,
Was just deep love-making,
That’s all she said it was,
It resembled love,
Felt like love,
It glittered,
But it was far from gold,
Simply gold plated,

I was all in,
Felt the depth of “love” in between her legs,
Six feet deeper than I should’ve fallen,
Satan in the form of my deepest desires…
A siren wailing and my heartbeat dancing to the rhythm of its seductive whispers,
Her nails deep within my skin and her claws wrapped around my heart,
As we laid without clothes,
Naked in the face of our Creator,

Hidden from the world in sheets transparent to Him,
Overdosed on lust,
Sniffing up a drug with temporary effects,
Something that would never last…
Just part of Satan’s movie cast,
And I? The role she played so effortlessly,
So devilishly…

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