African Love Story

Black Love

I looked at him and I saw God…
He displayed nonchalance and grace,
Divinity reincarnated in the form of a man,
And oh man, was he divine!
Melanin glistening like stars in the midnight sky, my African King!

She looked at me and I saw her see me see her, and for those few seconds time froze…
The sun stood still, the clouds set the scene,
No words were uttered and yet a lot was said,
In the myriad of unspoken words,
We understood each other,
I knew she was my nubian queen…

Come to me my lover, let our eyes speak of tales untold, come a little closer let our love unfold,
I dare not speak your name as my pride will not let me approach first, so hear the melody in my heart and let it draw you in…

I hear it my love…
And yet I can not move, I am frozen, on the hard concrete unable to lift a foot, petrified by the unknown, is the sound in my head real or is it just me bringing to manifestation what I hope to see, what I hope to feel, what I dream it could be? Just a fantasy, the trickery of my own mind…

Come lover, come, I long for you…

As I muster the strength and drag my feet along the floor, almost as though I were crawling, pride diminished to close to nothing, and dignity abandoned, all my efforts stretched out to this celestial being, my queen, the mother of my kids,

But oh wait, what if I get rejected…

What if you don’t?

What if I fall?

My love what if we rise…

Finally I’m close enough to breathe in her scent, a celestial being, heavenly sent, a fragrance foreign to my soul, beauty engraved with a touch of sanctity…

Love, so simple in all its complexity,
Or made complex in its simplicity as we dare not give up pride in fear of rejection, but if we never take the risk, will we ever be able to truly love?

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