Now and again…

Now and again I knock on my angel’s door,

asking them for insights, a touch of wisdom,

How do you attributes of myself I can not see? words that run through my mind exist my mouth

How do you not let life wear you down? questions I ponder so much on as I observe his movements.

Angel, what are your thoughts on… Opinions I seek to add to my bag of thoughts, a chain sequence share with my virtual world through a post.

They aren’t the type of angels many think they are,

They are beings I can see, relate to, beings that are there for me to lean and turn to.

Who are these angels? Many ask,

If you’ve seen my tears, heard my cries and came to help, you are an angel

Now and again, I speak these words these, ensuring they know,

That, I appreciate they existence in my world…

My angel…

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