Diary of a hopeless romantic - short story


The seasons were changing in her part of the world, one of the exciting highlights of her teenage life.

She was looking forward to colder winds and cloudy skies, they were the best when it came to dream creations. In her mind, she painted an image of her & J’s future together, the travels and fun they would have, 3 children, a home and just maybe a dog too.

School was their meeting spot, he would often sneak out of his class leaving little notes behind the court’s trash can for her to find, signed you know with little hearts.

No one was to really know what was going on between the two of them, he was the school’s head boy and captain of rugby team and she was a junior gymnast who aspired to be part of the cheer team. Surely love could be part of their equation despite their differences, as much as she wanted this to be true, her books were her main focus as she knew that losing her scholarship was out of the question.

Like any girl in her position, she prioritized her education before anything else leaving little her room to engage with J as much as would have like to, at the end of the day she could not forget that she came from a single parent headed home where her mom sacrificed everything to ensure her children are well taken care of…

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