Journeyed from teenagehood into a new being,

Journeyed from shrunken mindset into an eagle soaring the great winds unafraid

Rise, young child, from the uncomfortable seats given by your forefathers,

Rise, young soul, awaken the greater being you have been suppressing

Do not be afraid, take your stand in conviction, be the being you once dreamt of being

Growth is uncomfortable, that is true but one thing they will not tell you is how important it is to form your own identity,

The world will be cruel to you, so as it is for most of us, but one thing you ought to know is how to weather it through.

The key; identity for that brings forth authenticity, confidence, optimism, confidence in an unprejudice way.

So, rise you anxious worried being, put aside your fears in your faith, lift your chin and grow…


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