She looks him in the eyes to find the gate to his soul

She looks right at him, filtering through his motions seeking his emotions

She looks and wonders is he genuine?

A question many of us ask ourselves when meeting a him

Afraid to fall into the trap of lack of mutual understanding

We look right pass everything he places on display, seeking to find his hidden place

Am not like the others you have met, he may say

Mmm, he’s one of those, thoughts that may run through her head

See, this game of back and forth searching for a matching soul is just that, a game we ought to know

A practice we think we have mastered, only to realize that we have fallen unto a great actor

What happened to honesty, laying your cards out unapologetically being frank with one other

What happened to authenticity, being unashamed of the truth you bare and his answer

As she looks him right in the eye, she gathers the strength and asks what is it that you want out of this?

Patiently waiting for his truth no matter if she may disapprove…

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