The phrase

“You don’t need me”, were the words that shrivelled out of his mouth

A phrase containing more meaning than the four words it contains

His expression came from a place of pain,

Pain so vivid, we could not escape the urge to share the burden of his heart

His expression came from a place of love,

The feeling that she is meant for him, as he longs to love her just as his Father loves His church.

She silently started at him as he expressed all the emotions within his soul

She stared at him as he uttered words of deep meaning, an illustration of passion

In her mind, she couldn’t help but realize how toxic the shell she had created became

In her mind, she was afraid

Frightened at the idea that she might be great on her own

Afraid that the growing peace she foundin solitude might make her lonely

You don’t need me, words of truth triggering more than a handful of painful bliss…

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