Oxymoronic expressions

They don’t understand when you speak,

Toss meaningless words at you that could have been better constructed if thought was put behind it,

They don’t listen when you speak,

Refusing to accept that you maybe right as you express your need for a better support system they thought they provided

It’s funny how we only hear what we want to hear,

When a story is shared about success and failure, the keywords you seek to hear are did he/she really struggle?

It’s funny how we claim to be there for each other yet as soon as the message comes through, you sigh of annoyance at the thought of helping them out again

Honestly, I don’t know if this is the world we imagined to be adults in & to raise of children to aspire to,

Meaning is all we seek, love is all we crave yet cold is what we are all gifted with…

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