I haven’t been feeling lately,

Getting used to the inability to feel pain both frighten yet excite me.

I haven’t allowed myself to be consumed recently,

I made a pledge to my being to work on getting better, to create a new me.

That’s why I’ve stayed away from the world,

Afraid to share a truth that holds more lies than what lies behind this canvas you are reading this on,

Afraid to tell someone that everything was not okay when it was or that I was happy when I am not.

Truth is, I don’t have it all figured out,

I spend most of my days questioning life & working on creating a better world starting with me.

Truth is, I am afraid of jumping into the unknown coz that’s just what it is unknown

Truth is, I am taking life one minute, hour, day at a time,

Working on my anxieties, refusing to be triggered and finding peace.

Truth is, I am numb yet at peace and that makes me happy.

Truth is…

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