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Education: Preparation for marriage

In a typical African household, boys are told not to cry while girls stay by their mother’s side learning everything from cooking and cleaning to looking after children.

In this generation, gender equality and gender education have become a sensitive topic, with many still believing that it is a must for a woman to know how to cook, with the man being praised for his sexual practices, but just how relevant is this education in today’s world?

Living in emerging communities where both partners; man and woman, have to work in order to live a comfortable life that is not above their financial means, I often question the relevance of the gender role education given by our elders.

How realistic is it to expect a young woman to have both an academic background, a career, and “perfect” cooking skills by the time she is old enough to be wed? If we expect our daughters and sisters to be able to cook every single meal in the family registry by the time she reaches her mid-20s, should we not expect the man, that will come to wed her, to posses extra attributes apart from his degree(s)?

I want to hear your thoughts and opinions on this segment, before building on to it.

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