Diary of a hopeless romantic - short story

“Prince charming”

J, seemed to be her prince charming. This notorious teenager that always seemed to have a line-up of girls at his footsteps, was going to turn into an angel, according to innocent Safi.

Often disappointed by his lack of interest in her stories, she kept her head up high convinced she could turn him into a better person. She didn’t want to end up alone like her forever working mother, caught up in her hatred for the man that she wouldn’t allow herself a chance at love.

Safi’s only connection to the outside world was through the long list of reality shows that her mom and sister loved to watch. Aren’t like most teenagers her age, Safi was really different. She was not the prettiest girl but carried herself on a pedestal and made sure everyone else knew it. Safi was the girl with the dark skin, curly hair and very different features, so different that she was often teased as a child. She was average height, taller than most of her friends but yet shorter than the boys in her grade, with a little of what makes a woman, she was never bothered by what people thought about her.

She spent her days with Clay, in her room, telling him stories that she would make up on her own. During the holidays, she would stare outside her window, picturing faces in the sky, mainly the face of her father she missed so much.

Little did she know of what the love she dreamed of having should be like, be if Clay could love her unconditionally, she would not settle for less. She was determined she would shape J’s broken soul into the perfect gentleman that would sweep her heart away.

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