We are perfect

As I watch the sun rise, I am reminded my existence is purposeful.

I felt like I needed to say that, for those who are troubled by they inner thoughts telling them they will not make it.

For those who are surrounded by many yet feel alone, wondering if loneliness is written in their life story.

For those who are like me; questioning life yet wanting to stay on this earth for as long as humanly possible,

Unable to leave the house on her own, without wondering what the person across maybe thinking.

I want you to look at the sky, be one with your surrounding and circumstances. Take a moment to carefully single out every part of your existence that you cherish.

In that moment, I want you to realize that the labels that were places on you made you stronger, that your ability to continue living despite what life throws at you is beyond amazing.

The tenacity keeping you going even when no one hears your cries makes you the strong being that you are.

You imperfectly perfect, actually you are perfect, not in your own way but because you were made just the way you were meant to be…


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