Awaken by the sun rays , eager is she to see what this day holds in store for her. The idea that he is few events away from finding her, sparks her childhood fairytale into existance once more.

“Dear diary”, she notes down on her phone, “I have been feeling this light within me, a light telling me that my lone days would end pretty soon.”

“All I’ve ever wanted was to feel loved; the kind where one thinks you as often as you think of him, calls before you call him, feels what you are feeling without the need of verbal experssions.

Soon, dear diary, I will be introducing him to you, I can feel it, soon...”

Her words have never been so full of hope and excitement, as she saves her typed words smiling from ear to ear.

Knowing that all will be alright, is a new game she practices, with the end goal of being the best cheerleader, supporter and counsellor he will need her to be. For in order to expect the best to come her way, the key lies in finding the best within one’s self…

Today she woke up, with more light within her soul then they ever thought she could possess,

She is happy once again…

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