I was told to write to You, to tell you about my worries and thoughts,

I was told to reach out to You, to ask for guidance in this time I am most lost.

Truth is I shy away in moments like this,

I don’t know how to tell You that I am not okay when You probably already know it.


I can’t keep uttering the same words of fear and hope, when deep down I feel like I am bothering You.

Bothering You because You have never failed me, that I know,

Bothering You because You have never left me, that I know,

Then why do I feel so afraid, I can not begin to express for that I do not know…


I wish it did not feel like I am walking this road alone,

To hand to keep me warm when I worry the most, a voice to reassure me and keep me warm.

I wish You could be a physical being,

A familiar face to look to; be submerged by a sense of calmness like infant looking into the eyes of its mother.

I wish You could send me my soul mate,

A representative of the love You have for me, a promise that I am not alone, an answer for my lonely soul.


I was urged to let You know how desperate I am in need of shelter in You…

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