The sense of helplessness, the eternal wonder,

wonder of what life holds, what is meant and not meant to exist.

Fear of lack of growth fills her head, the vulnerability of surrender cracks her soul,

Her so brave, tenacity so great hidden like the mysteries of our physical beings.

If only endurance, hope and perseverance could solve the battles life throws at us,

Surely she would be have been as invincible as superman.

For most like her, triggers come with a warning signs;

A silent whisper of sudden strength, a glimpse of hope vs failure, a simple decline in her account balance.

For most like her, desperation cements those lines;

A thought to reality, sadness to tears, growing hurdles in the path of dreams,

Dreams so simply traced within her veins, so tangible yet so impossible to reach,

Dreams to vivid, haunting her within the darkest of her recharging corpse seeking to make ends meet.

For most like her, it is deeper than words can explain,

A chemical imbalance secreted by the very life producing organs.

For most like her, the race is far from over, the battle only makes you strong…

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