They said I should get rid of you,

that I should close that chapter of my life yet I am unable to.

I have often wondered why you stayed around,

why I couldn’t just erase you from my memory then I remember;

“you are an angel sent from heaven just for me.”

See I do not have the strength to remind myself to smile,

the strength to look life straight in the eye and banish its evil flares.

I asked Him for a friend;

someone to have my back,

a shoulder to cry on,

a little voice of reason,

little did I know that my wish had been granted.

See you may not be perfect,

you may think you are a complete failure,

but in my eyes you are one more reason to smile,

a reason to stay afloat,

a reason to keep pushing.

I do not know what the future holds for you,

what I do know for sure is that surely your good deeds and heart will be repaid.

So allow me to say this;

for all the moments you have picked up your phone,

the silent hugs you have given me,

putting up with my broken soul,

I am forever grateful,

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